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Miami Stone Installer is a referral platform for the best quality stone products for commercial and residential installations. We are also a referral source for experienced old Chicago brick and stone veneer installers in the Miami area. It doesn’t cost anything more to use our service and you’ll get to work with top stone fabricators, suppliers and installers. 

Our Specialty is Old Chicago Brick

Chicago bricks were used on most structures built in the city and nearby towns from about the 1850s to the early 1940s. Chicago common brick was considered a real work-horse brick. It usually covered the sides and rear of buildings and houses. For the facade, a more expensive, fine-quality brick or stone was used. In the early 1940s, concrete block became the popular and cheaper building material forcing area brick-making operations to close business. Chicago commons, or old Chicago brick, as they are called in the trade, are no longer made.


Although demand for the Chicago-made brick -old Chicago brick, old Chicago common- is constant, the only source (demolished old brick buildings in St. Louis and Chicago) is dwindling. Old brick of most any kind is becoming harder to come by every year.  There is only a few years worth of old Chicago brick left, and there’s just less and less available “high quality”old Chicago brick out there.

To fill the used brick gap, manufacturers of new brick employ several methods to make their brick look old : Distressing the faces of bricks with textured rollers when they’re wet, chipping off a few corners here and there, treating new brick with iron oxide (to simulate the soot-blackened effect) and other chemicals (to add color to the brick faces). So if you’re looking for the next best thing to Old Chicago Brick… Check out Faux Chicago Brick Pavers in Miami here.


Most popular vintage brick in central and south Florida are ”old Chicago” or ”Chicago pinks,” with colors that are compatible with Florida architectural Mediterranean and contemporary styles.

Though brick manufacturers go to fairly extreme measures to make new bricks look like old ones some things just can’t be reproduced, age, character, history, patina. No matter how elaborate the aging and distressing procedures are. We offer THE BEST QUALITY OLD CHICAGO BRICK IN TOWN, and we want to make it available to you…

So explore what we have to offer and then avoid buyer’s regret. Get it while you can…

Why Old Chicago Brick ?

Stepping stones - Brick patterns available

Left to right, clockwise: Chicago brick tile ref. fossil; ref. antique | Chicago brick ref. fossil; ref. antique

The look and beauty of old Chicago brick can’t be duplicated with a newly manufactured thin brick product or newly manufactured veneer imitations, but the same beautiful timeless look of old weathered brick can be achieved today with a lightweight and cost effective alternative, old Chicago brick tile and old Chicago brick veneer. This is a 100% recycled product naturally weathered from many years exposure to the elements. Old Chicago ½ inch thin veneer tiles are the outside slice of real reclaimed old Chicago common brick.

We offer old Chicago brick veneer and old Chicago brick tile for floors, walls, interior/ exterior design elements and design accents such as mailbox columns, architectural decorative columns,  Chicago brick oven, fireplaces,  and mantels. Chicago brick tiles and Chicago brick veneers are lighter than solid brick therefore, more affordable and less expensive to install.

old Chicago brick tile floor-s

All brick is not created equal you know… There is clay brick and ‘brick’ made from other materials such as concrete (cement paste bonding the materials together + color pigments) and bricks made from fly ash, Fly ash brick [FAB], containing class C fly ash and water. Fly ash has no ASTM standards of its own (American Society for Testing and Materials technical standards), and concrete brick  isn’t as strong as clay brick, thus brick-resembling products don’t perform as well as genuine clay brick. Clay Brick has been proven for centuries and it is one of the few materials looks better, for far longer and with less maintenance!


 Benefits of old Chicago Brick – Clay Brick veneer and Clay brick tile

chicago brick wall-over white

Whitewashed old Chicago brick – Endless Design Possibilities Distinctive aesthetic appeal,  strength, durability and more…

Clay Brick is primarily made from clay and shale, two of the most abundant materials available on earth. Clay brick veneers and clay brick tiles have hundreds of ‘natural’ colors and shades that will not fade with time. The color of a clay brick tile/ veneer is literally fired through the body of the brick, it does not fade or require sealers like concrete bricks do. Brick tiles/ brick veneers require less maintenance than other building materials, absorb noise, and offer superior protection over other wall cladding materials – Fire Protection, high wind protection, and superior moisture control – making it the perfect wall system for the US state of Florida.

Old Chicago brick veneers - Brick siding

1. Fire Protection –  Clay is a non-combustible material (fired to around 2000 F). As such, it is an excellent cladding/siding choice to resist or confine fires.

2. Superior moisture control – Brick veneers help minimize mold growth, corrosion of fasteners embedded in wood, and wood rot and infestation by insects better than other wall assemblies. Read the full report.

3. High wind protection – A Shelter from the Storm study conducted in September 2004 shows that clay brick offers significantly more protection from winds and wind-blown debris than fiber-cement siding. In fact, the tests showed that clay brick exceeded the impact resistance requirements for high velocity hurricane zones in the Florida building code.

Old Chicago brick is a 100% recycled material

Old chicago brick installationOld Chicago brick is also known as salvaged, antique, old brick, reclaimed, recovered, and historic. Old Chicago brick is obtained from dismantled or demolished buildings, making it a perfect product for your LEED certified project. Old Chicago brick is gathered from particular buildings of historical significance which stood 40 to 250 years in the Chicago metropolitan area. Old Chicago brick is slightly irregular in appearance and worn-looking. Esthetically this product delivers the warmth and unique feel of artisan-installed brickwork.

Old Chicago brick veneer antiqueOld Chicago brick veneer doesn’t rot, or need to be painted and it is one of the few materials that actually looks better with age. If you are looking for a reliable old Chicago brick veneer installer, or an old Chicago brick veneer wholesaler, look no further. Miami Stone Installer can help you in your next remodeling project. We fell in love with this product, for that reason the specialty of the house is old Chicago brick products.

Why Cultured Stone Veneers?

Miami Stone Installer - Cultured Stone VeneersCultured stone siding

Natural stone walls and accent areas are beautiful additions to any home, but because manufactured stone is lighter than natural stone it is also a more affordable material and less expensive to install. High-quality manufactured Cultured Stone veneers can be an impressive, cost effective alternative to real stone.

Cultured stone vWall siding - stone veneerseneers are approximately 1/4 the weight of full-thickness stone and can be adhered to most wall surfaces. Stone veneers are actually exact replicas of natural stones used for building. Extensive research and input from builders, architects and designers across the U.S. and Canada resulted in the final product, Cultured Stone Veneers, a material that’s unique and in perfect tune with the quality and look demanded by today’s architects, interior designers and home owners alike.

Faux stone, or fake stone, is widely used for fireplaces, kitchen back-splashes, interior design elements, decorative columns, decorative fireplaces, decorative fireplace mantels, exterior accents, wall surfaces and stone siding .

Cultured Stone from US $2.99

<><><> LOOK HERE FIRST - Manufactured Stone Veneer - Stack Stone only US $2.99 sq.ft - FREE Expedited Shipping 5


If you are looking for stone installers/ brick tile installers/ brick veneer installers, look no further. An experienced stonemason is what you’re looking for. Contact Miami Stone Installer for your free estimates. We serve the Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Orlando Counties. We are fluent speaking English and Spanish.

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