How Wood-fired Cooking Saves Money

Wood-Fired Cooking with Portuguese Outdoor Ovens – Save money and have fun while doing it!

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Are you considering taking a second mortgage just to pay your electric bill? You’re not alone! Up to 30% of unwanted heat in your home is coming through your appliances! The obvious is the oven, So what’s one to do? Skip the oven/stove, any usage of the oven or even the stove-top is going to heat your home.

Take the heat outside in the sweltering summer months, Portuguese outdoor ovens are perfect for when it is too hot to roast or bake indoors. Portuguese wood fired brick pizza ovens will cook anything your conventional oven can but just better and you won’t be paying good money to cool the house you’re inevitably heating up with your conventional oven (not to mention that Recipe books all call for preheating your oven without thought of the energy consequences…) Wood is by far the most inexpensive fuel source. To burn less money, consider cooking with wood.

Portuguese Outdoor Ovens

What can I cook in my wood fired pizza oven? Portuguese outdoor ovens are the best wood fired ovens for cooking bread, fish, vegetables, grills, slow roasts and the best wood fire pizza! Portuguese brick ovens cook pizza in 90sec and have the capacity to cook two 12″ pizzas/pies at a time,30 pizzas per hour! Portugese ovens are made with cooking a variety of foods in mind… baked pasta or rice (paella) meat dishes, chicken or pork, baking cakes or bagels, and bread (with the kind of crust you would never get in a regular oven). You can cook in your Portuguese wood fired brick pizza oven most of the things you’d be making in your conventional oven or on the stove-top. keep in mind that dishes cook much faster in a wood burning oven, more or less about half the time they take in your regular oven, so make the necessary adjustments.

A wood burning oven has a long cooking cycle once it is heated. Portuguese Wood Burning Ovens retain heat with the door closed for more than 3 hours. You can cook with the indirect heat by taking out the fire and the embers and closing the oven door. Get mouth-watering braised dishes and more… You’ll be surprised how well residual heat works and how you can cook a wide variety of dishes as the oven gradually cools down. Just make sure you have heated the oven well and keep the oven door closed.

Enjoy Wood-Fired Cooking with Portuguese Outdoor Ovens. Save money, and have fun while doing it! Check out our  Wood-fired ovens Review HERE

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